• W.in W.ith W.UP


The W.UP Team has extensive experience in the design and implementation of financial software products. We specialize in creating unique solutions for the best possible user experience – be it designed for web, mobile or tablet applications.

We strive to satisfy the needs of our two target groups – the end users and our costumers – to create products that meet the highest standards. On one hand, the end users of our products – clients, prospects, agents, bank employees – appreciate the ergonomics, simplicity and design of our systems. User friendliness and ease of use are key concepts that we always keep in mind. On the other hand, our customers – banks, insurance companies, financial institutions and telecommunication companies – request the seamless integration of our products to existing systems and demand a high level of security, on which we never compromise.
Harmonising the different demands requires creative thinking and thorough understanding of unique situations. W.UP can provide these; this is what our company stands for: W.in W.ith W.UP! We work in this spirit, whether it’s Internet or mobile banking applications or any other products and services such as brokerage, agent network management, electronic data services or access management we provide.


W.UP was founded in 2014. We wanted to create a company where we introduce elegant solutions in a relaxed working environment. So far, successfully.

S.TARTUP and not: the core team has been working together in the digital financial space for years but now we have reinvented ourselves in a new form.

W.HAT are we doing? Primarily, we introduce different front-end solutions and design unique software solutions for banks and other financial institutions.

W.HY W.UP? Because we have an outstanding experience in designing banking software, our service is always customer focused and our attitude is always flexible. We always give priority to our costumers’ needs.

W.HERE are we? You can find our offices in Budapest and Miskolc but soon you can run into us (or our products) anywhere on the globe through our growing international customers. Please visit us; we are happy to meet you!









Residence business center, H-1027 Budapest, Ganz str. No.16

Phone: +36 1 870 0252
Email: info@wup.hu


Macropolis business center, H-3526 Miskolc, Arany János square No.1

Phone: +36 46 887 024
Email: info@wup.hu