The low-hanging fruits of AI in digital banking sales: use cases from the Royal Bank of Scotland and W.UP

AI is not the next big thing, it’s the now big thing. Tech giants are well aware of this: making great use of machine learning tools, they’re changing the face of banking services as we know it. The ever-growing competitive threat from big techs and digital-only banks might just be the wake-up call incumbents need to dip their toe into artificial intelligence. But, for all the buzz, its practical applications remain a mystery for many.

Playing a frantic catch-up game, companies often jump straight to the most challenging uses of the new technology and miss out on the easy-to-implement applications with high benefits. Even though these low-hanging fruits can do wonders for inbound customer leads and new product sales. So what are the low-hanging fruits of AI in digital banking? How can AI boost digital banking sales? We’ve set out to share five best practices that banks can put into practice with little effort.

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  • Adam Shardlow
    Lead Journey Manager for AI at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
  • Remco Veenenberg
    International Sales Evangelist at W.UP

Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 2-3 PM (GMT+2)