What’s Sales.UP?

Sales.UP is an insight-driven sales and engagement tool for financial institutions that uses customer insights to create relevant, personal and timely interactions with clients. By combining the best-of-breed functions of three software domains, we are offering a platform implemented specifically to your banking infrastructure that helps growing digital sales and customer engagement. We call it Personalised Banking Sales.

Where does our data come from?

SALES.UP collects, aggregates and enriches various types of traditional banking data such as transactions and customer data, with non-traditional data like

Social media interaction



Customer’s behaviour patterns


Why are we unique?

we understand behavioural patterns of customers

we built pre-packaged customer insights to predict life events/opportunities for interaction

our purpose-built insights are designed to improve the customer experience

continuously evolving (with machine learning) cloud based solution with a growing number of insights from all types of markets

SALES.UP comes with its own campaign manager but also integrates with other marketing automation systems

Discover SALES.UP and create meaningful, timely interactions with your banking customers

Presenting SALES.UP

Insights driven sales and engagement tool for financial institutions

The SALES.UP story

Learn more about SALES.UP
and gain a competitive edge
over other banks

FinovateEurope 2018

W.UP presented SALES.UP for the second time on the FinovateEurope stage in London, presenting this innovative solution to a record-setting crowd of over 1,400 attendees from leading financial services firms from across Europe and around the world. We’re proud to share that we were selected as Best of Show winners by the audience.

Greg Palmer
Vice President of Finovate
“We selected W.UP to present because we believe that SALES.UP is a very innovative solution, and it has the potential to generate a breakthrough in digital sales in the financial industry”

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