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12. 21. 2017

12 marketing trends for banks in 2018 – W.UP Digital Banking Weekly

Retailers vs banks

12 marketing trends for banks in 2018

Developments in omni-channel measurement & marketing ROI, the rise of digital and data specialists and video advertising will be among the most important marketing trends for financial institutions in 2018, The Financial Brand writes. Read about the rest here.

What banks can learn from retailers

The holiday shopping season is the most dramatic example of the changing customer behaviour, which also has an effect on banking. Consumers will reward the “Amazon of Banking” or the “Google of Banking” and penalize those not investing in making buying a financial service easier, according to Jim Marous, publisher of the Digital Banking Report.

Banking automation is the way forward

Bank branches are closing at an unprecedented rate, but automation should not be seen as a negative, it saves time for customers and saves money for firms, writes Leah Hutcheon, chief executive at Apointedd. Just consider her calculation: a staggering £27.36 million is spent each year just on booking appointments for wealth management and mortgage products.

Here is a surprise about open banking

Banks are not ready for open banking, despite the fact that it has been much talked about for many years and will arrive in 2018, Chris Skinner writes in his blog. He cites a PwC report, which found that only 9% of the surveyed 39 leading European banks banks were in implementation phase for PSD2 open APIs and 38% were still just thinking about it.

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