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Innovation Manager is a new and exciting position in the newly created W.UP Innovation Lab, whose mission is to develop, coordinate and manage innovation processes within the company and develop innovative, pilot and demo versions of successful solutions.
With the establishment of the Innovation Lab, our company intends to strengthen its commitment to financial innovations and to ensure that marketable solutions are delivered as soon as possible from emerging ideas in case of their viability.
Innovation manager reports directly to the Head of Innovation Lab.


Developing W.UP Innovation Lab in order to become one of the most important competence center in the domestic Fintech market and building strong relationships with key players in the market (banks, financial service providers, other innovation workshops, university research centers, fintech companies)

Main tasks

  • Continuously follows and analyzes ideas and solutions that emerge in the world's fintech AI / machine learning and banking markets
  • Consult with customers about their ongoing innovation needs
  • Exploring and managing 3rd party partnerships with other fintech companies
  • Using your own and your colleagues' experiences and market trends, they look ahead to think of how and in what form each proposal can be used in the product development process
  • Structures, analyzes, prioritizes and prepares external and internal ideas
  • Strengthens and catalyzes the innovation approach within the company
  • Communicates innovation results within the company
  • Participates in the development and coordination of innovation processes
  • Presents W.UP innovation strategies at conferences, workshops, meetups and present prototypes
  • Build and maintain good connection with 3rd party analysts and key partners

Main responsibilities

  • Effective operation of innovation processes; the representation of already marketable ideas within and outside of the company, the freeze or rejection of (non-marketable proposals
  • Maintain the Innovation Roadmap
  • Adhering to deadlines and budgets for each innovation project
  • Provides appropriate criticism of incoming innovation ideas and suggestions. Recognizes their weaknesses, risks and makes proposals to reduce them

Advantageous experiences

  • Has participated in IT product development and / or innovation projects and successful product launches
  • Acknowledges the basic retail products, services and electronic channels of the financial sector at least at user level

The ideal candidate's key properties

  • Proactive
  • Excellent communication
  • Customer centric thinking

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