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People are demanding smarter financial experiences. Banks must become personalised and proactive by unlocking opportunities in data. W.UP transforms the way banks generate digital revenue and interact with clients through AI-powered experiences.
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W.UP offers customer insights and uses real-life situations for better experiences. Based on banking and external information, like location data, browsing history and social media activity, our tools help you create laser-targeted campaigns and boost conversion rates.


    Make the most of pre-built customer profiles only machine learning can discover and understand your customers better, from their daily schedule to shopping habits.

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    Our insights draw from the most diverse data sources, both traditional and non-traditional, to recognise key life events and situations. Be there for your customers wherever and whenever they need it, be it right before travel, during home improvement or after an unusual transaction.

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    Get through to your customers with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel. Create real value: be the first to congratulate them after their yearly bonus arrives with a high-yield savings offer.

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Sales.UP is an insight-driven sales and engagement tool. It helps banks understand, enrich and analyse banking data like card transactions and demographics, and non-traditional information such as customer location and social media activity. Using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Sales.UP builds customer insights that enable meaningful interactions between banks and their clients.

  • Behavioural customer profiles
  • Actionable customer insights
  • Personalised, relevant, predictive and timely campaigns


Mobile.UP is a pre-built mobile development framework for a seamless customer experience, integrated with Sales.UP. It includes a whole range of ready-made widgets covering customer communication, support and sales functions that play well with any digital banking solution. Mobile.UP boasts a fast and effective development cycle, as well as easy-to-add features so you can always keep up with ever-changing customer needs. Customisation and hyper-personalisation have never been easier.

  • 40%

    more sales in certain banking product areas

  • 10%

    customer churn rate decrease

  • 2X

    growth in campaign responsiveness

We selected W.UP to present because we believe that Sales.UP is a very innovative solution, and it has the potential to generate a breakthrough in digital sales in the financial industry.

Greg Palmer Vice President of Finovate
Greg Palmer
Vice President of Finovate


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Segments of one: Customer insights in digital banking

Download W.UP’s white paper to find out how you can benefit from data-driven customer insights, how to target your potential customers in the era of the segments of one, and how to boost digital sales with highly personalised marketing campaigns. We show you some of the most innovative customer insights, along with easy-to-implement use cases to inspire your next sales strategies.

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