Our Story

Headquartered in Budapest, W.UP was established in November 2014 by a group of fintech specialists, each with more than 15 years of experience in digital banking and personalisation from all over the globe.


    Today's customers demand smarter financial services and personal attention – and it's time banks listened to them. W.UP was founded by two seasoned fintech specialists, CEO Béla Bodnár and CSO Eszter Kolozsvári. Since then, they have brought together close to 150 experts, most of whom hail from banking software development and finance. In 2018, W.UP shifted to a higher gear, having welcomed on board former investor and fintech heavyweight Balázs Vinnai.


    Besides offering custom solutions for the banking sector, it wasn’t long before we started developing our own products. The first one was W.UP Mobile, a pre-built mobile banking product and development framework for creating native apps, which can be implemented within three short months and tailored to clients’ exact needs.

    But we didn’t stop there. We turned our attention to banking personalisation, striving to come up with a solution that really has the wow factor. This is how our banking personalisation platform was born. It tailors banking offers to customer life events, delivering a truly personalised banking experience.

The idea is actually pretty simple. Most banks still approach sales from the wrong angle: that of the product. However, in the age of segments-of-one, what customers really need is the right offer at the right time, fully personalised. The market seems to be on board: not only do more and more banks choose our solution, we also brought home Best of Show awards from FinovateEurope in 2018 and 2019.

Management and team

  • Béla Bodnár

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Eszter Kolozsvári

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Balázs Vinnai


  • Bálint Molnár

    Chief Financial Officer

  • József Nyíri

    VP of Business Development

  • Balázs Zotter

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Márton Komjáthy

    Head of Delivery

  • Gábor Kelemen

    Head of Business Line

  • Sára Hanniker

    Head of Data Science

  • Gellért Vinnai

    Head of Product Management

  • Tamás Braun

    Sales Director

  • Remco Veenenberg

    Head of Alliances

  • Zoltán László

    Head of Marketing

  • Péter Bódi

    Head of Support

  • Ildikó Szabó

    Sr. Key Account Manager

  • Beáta Burai-Dienes

    Key Account Manager

  • Zsófia Pokorni

    HR Manager

Finovate Europe 2020

We’ve done it again! We’ve been voted Best of Show winners for third time in a row at FinovateEurope 2020 in Berlin, one the biggest European fintech events of the year. We showcased the newest version of our banking personalisation platform, with exciting real-world applications in a lineup of over 60 demoers from all corners of the fintech world. 


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