Digital-native challengers like Revolut, skyrocketing customer expectations and hungry tech giants have put banks’ largest markets and profit drivers at risk. In the wake of these challenges, more and more banks are teaming up with fintechs like W.UP to play catch-up with disruptors. But will this newfound alliance help them both come out as winners? Join the conversation!

Our first ever Beyond Banking event in Budapest went down a storm last year so we’ve decided to take it on an international roadshow. The next stop? Beyond Banking Brussels on February 21. The event, organised together with Revolut, will bring together real industry heavyweights, including incumbents, challenger banks and fintechs, to talk competition, collaboration and everything in between. Spaces are filling up fast so sign up today!

Segments of one: Customer insights in digital banking

Segments of one: Customer insights in digital banking

Download W.UP’s white paper to find out how you can benefit from data-driven customer insights, how to target your potential customers in the era of the segments of one, and how to boost digital sales with highly personalised marketing campaigns. We show you some of the most innovative customer insights, along with easy-to-implement use cases to inspire your next sales strategies.

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