New opportunities for EU banks

Banks could use the new opportunities ushered in by the advent of PSD2 to recapture some of the revenues they are expected to lose from payments and also to develop new revenue sources. There is nothing preventing banks from acting also as AISPs or PISPs. Continue reading.

How to raise conversion at checkout

Offer a local payment experience, because conversions will always increase when familiar payment options are offered at checkout. This is one of the 6 best practices for conversion at checkout, offered by Yuval Ziv, COO of SafeCharge. Here is what customers should see after clicking the buy button.

A vision banks should find compelling

The successful marriage between seamless customer experiences in identification and strong cyber security has proven elusive as traditional risk assessment and authentication solutions failed to keep pace with sophistication of hacking attacks. Fresh thinking is urgently needed, the Information Age reports.

Forex startup reaches a milestone

Revolut, the London-based fintech startup offering free money exchange in 25 currencies now has one million customers. The firm was established 2,5 years ago and already recruited more than 250,000 European customers outside the UK. Revolut is signing 3,000-5,000 news users a day. More details here.


The digital wake-up call: why are banks lagging behind in sales?

The digital wake-up call: why are banks lagging behind in sales?

Download W.UP’s white paper to learn about why financial institutions are 10 years behind the e-commerce giants in offering real-time personalised marketing offers to their customers.

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