We’re proud to share that we were selected as Best of Show winners by the audience at Finovate Europe 2018, the leading conference for banking and fintech start-ups. We unveiled the brand new version of Sales.UP, our insight-driven sales and engagement tool, to representatives of more than 300 major financial institutions.

The conference brought together about 1,400 participants, including some 240 C-level attendees on 6-9 March in London. Among over seventy other fintech innovators demoing, we had the opportunity to show how Sales.UP can help banks boost digital sales and win against neo-banks and digital giants in the digital world war.

We demonstrated how banks can predict customers’ individual needs by analyzing non-traditional information, such as location and mobile device data, or even photos. Using AI and ML for increased engagement, Sales.UP offers pre-built customer insights and smart real-time interactions. Márk Hetényi, Deputy CEO of Hungarian commercial bank MKB Bank, one of our first clients, also joined us on stage and helped us make the presentation a success.

Digital sales: 12 strategies for banks to win in the digital world war

Digital sales: 12 strategies for banks to win in the digital world war

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