What are artificial intelligence and machine learning and why will they have a crucial role in the next few years in the financial sector? Participants discussed this question and many others at the Fintech AI Meetup, which was organized by Budapest.AI, MKB Fintechlab and W.UP on 8 February.

Sára Hanniker, data science team lead at W.UP, spoke about how ML can be used in digital banking sales and engagement and what banks can discover about their customers using ML tools. Other speakers included Remco Veenenberg, a founding member of Budapest.AI and Cristi Bârlădeanu, founder and CEO of fintech startup ThinkOut.io.

The presentations were followed by an open discussion, moderated by Viktor Bálint, co-owner and managing partner of BnL Growth Partners, a private equity and advisory company supporting fintech startups.

You can watch the whole meetup here:

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