Finovate has just announced that W.UP will be among the 65+ companies handpicked to demo at FinovateEurope 2019, one of the largest fintech events of the region, on 12-14 February in London. We will be showcasing the latest version and real-world applications of our insight-driven sales and engagement tool, Sales.UP.

At FinovateEurope 2018, we were proud to have been selected as Best of Show winners by the audience. In our seven-minute demo, we unveiled the brand-new version of Sales.UP in front of representatives of more than 300 major financial institutions, and demonstrated how banks can predict customers’ individual needs by analysing non-traditional information, such as location and mobile device data, and even photos. Using AI and ML, Sales.UP offers pre-built customer insights and smart real-time interactions to boost customer engagement. Márk Hetényi, Deputy CEO of Hungarian commercial bank MKB Bank, one of our first clients, also joined us on stage and helped us make the presentation a success.

Besides putting the latest fintech innovation on stage, the conference will also bring together visionaries like AmazonPay, Rabobank and Barclaycard, and feature the latest trends in analytics, user experience, wealth management, investment, payments and more. We hope to see you there!

Segments of one: Customer insights in digital banking

Segments of one: Customer insights in digital banking

Download W.UP’s white paper to find out how you can benefit from data-driven customer insights, how to target your potential customers in the era of the segments of one, and how to boost digital sales with highly personalised marketing campaigns. We show you some of the most innovative customer insights, along with easy-to-implement use cases to inspire your next sales strategies.


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