Just two months ago, I told you how excited I was to take over the helm at W.UP as CEO and how much I was looking forward to seeing where the future would take us. 

Well, let me give you a glimpse. 

I’m thrilled to announce that W.UP is joining forces with BSC of Czechia to create Finshape, a new EMEA market leader to drive digital transformation in banking. For more details, find the press release here.

Finshape is an alliance of two companies that share the same culture and values. And most importantly, the same vision. We believe that personalised, data-driven banking experiences and digital business models are the way forward for banks if they want to survive and thrive in the Age of the Customer. BSC’s digital banking platform solution and W.UP’s deep personalisation capabilities will allow industry players to use digital to its full potential and act as a catalyst for a whole new era of banking. One where banks are powered by innovation, not threatened by it. 

As part of Finshape, we’ll focus on offering our clients the best technology and advice to tackle the digitalisation challenge, using our combined market strength and knowledge. With financial backing from our new investor, PortfoLion Capital Partners, I firmly believe we can deliver on this promise – and more. We remain on the lookout for new teams and technologies that can help us build and tailor solutions to banks’ exact needs and bring them to market faster. If you’re ready to join us in propelling this vision further, do reach out to me.

Thanks for being our loyal follower. The future has just got even brighter. And I look forward to engaging more with you as we continue on this journey.

All gain, no pain: 4 quick wins for personalised digital sales

All gain, no pain: 4 quick wins for personalised digital sales

Technologies like artificial intelligence and big data analytics have the potential of delivering up to $1 trillion of incremental value for banks per year. How to make this a reality, however, remains a pressing question for most financial institutions. Download our ebook for four no-hassle, all-result banking use cases to get started with personalised digital sales that deliver immediate benefits and long-term advantages.

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