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Yes, the largest profit drivers are in danger but there are tons of tools and best practices for banks to fight digital disruptors

These are tough times for banks and financial institutions. They must cope with rapidly increasing customer expectations and a whole new generation of customers, who want convenient products and prompt services available on their mobile devices. Not to mention the effects of digital transformation in banking, including growing competition from digital-only challenger banks and big technology firms like Amazon or Google. By 2020, European banks will have about 48.6 billion euros of profit at risk depending on the extent of overall digital disruption.

That’s why having the right strategies and banking technology to boost digital sales has never been more important. Origination and sales generate 65% of global banking profits, totalling about 930 billion euros. Banks must act now if they don’t want to lose this profitability, otherwise they could easily end up as commodity providers with thin margins. With the right digital sales tool, conversion rates can increase by 2.14-2.4 percentage points on average while transaction numbers can double for retail banking products like overdrafts, credit cards and personal loans, which all generate additional income.

Find out why it will be crucial for retail banks to:

Understand why fintech and banking are a perfect match
Team up with fintechs and brace for big techs
Bring more products online
Check out what champs do in sales
Go digital end to end in customer journeys
Make digital onboarding quick and easy
Personalize products to sell experiences
Explore self-driving finance or personalised banking sales, as we like to call it

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