• Actionable customer insights

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning

  • Personalised, relevant and timely messages

  • Interactions tailored to customer needs

Use cases


    Widen your customer segments thanks to our machine learning applications analysing hundreds of variables. USE CASES Identify and upgrade clients who spend like premium customers by analysing in-depth variables. Find customers who shop at high-end clothing stores and eat in fine dining restaurants when abroad and target them with credit card offers.


    Discover brand new lifestyle segments based on variables that you haven't even thought of before. USE CASES Predict income trends for clients with flexible or freelancer earnings by using external data sources, and send them tailored credit or savings offers. Divide customers into different segments based on how much and how often they eat out to better differentiate your target audience.


    Use laser-sharp targeting to boost conversion rates by exploring customer shopping habits and other behavioural patterns. USE CASES Find out if your client is a cycling enthusiast based on location and mobile activity data, and send them sports insurance offers or merchant discounts at nearby cycling shops. Does your client like to have her morning latte at a small local café? Surprise them with a gift voucher that they can use next time.


    This insight automatically sends alerts if a client is about to reach or go over budget based on their spending profile. No need for manually set limits. USE CASES Your customer shops for groceries on Wednesdays and goes out for drinks on Saturdays. W.UP tracks these regular transactions and warns of overspending. With our banking personalisation platform, you can challenge your customer to spend less or advise them to start saving up for Christmas gifts in August to avoid overspending in December.


    Based on transaction or location data, W.UP can track every step of customers’ travels, from bookings through airport transactions to arriving at their destination and returning home. USE CASES Using our personalisation platform, you can give tips to your customers on setting card limits, exchanging currency, and buying travel insurance or third-party merchant services. Your customer makes their first transaction during the trip. An instant message notifies you that your client is abroad so you both spare the hassle of getting their card blocked.

  • Track customer movement real-time

    Using real-time smart phone data with you clients’ consent, W.UP locates your customers and allows you to send them perfectly timed recommendations and relevant offers. USE CASES Let's say your customer stops at a garage. Tracking location data, our personalisation platform sends them an offer for car insurance or unsecured short-term credit to cover the unexpected costs of car repair. Your customer drops into a pharmacy or shopping centre. W.UP sends them a reminder to use their health insurance card or third-party offers with location-specific discounts.


    W.UP can track customers’ digital banking activities, recurring or abandoned transactions, and channel preferences based on multi-channel analytics. USE CASES Your customer makes monthly transfers to utility companies or subscription-based services. Why not suggest making direct debit payments instead of repeated stand-alone transfers? Another customer has started and left the same transaction several times. Ask them what went wrong and offer your help through customer service.