W.UP Mobile includes clever, built-in widgets for customer communication, support and sales functions and more. It plays well with any digital banking solution and comes with easy-to-add features so you can always keep up with ever-changing customer needs.

Features & Functions

80% of your customers will use the most common features.


implemented within 3 months

  • Banking services

    Account and card overview, statements, card operations, traditional transfers

  • 360° opening screen

    Finances at a glance on a widget dashboard

  • Cardless cash Money

    transfers to an ATM and cash withdrawal with a text message

  • Push notification services

    Direct communication between banks and their customers

  • Default avatars with initials

    Personalised partner selection


New releases every 3 months

  • Call centre authentication

    Support with no further identity verification needed

  • ATM and branch locator

    Nearest cash machine or branch location

  • Fingerprint and TouchID login

    One-tap account checking

  • Gesture functions

    Shake to log out and other fun features

  • Customer onboarding

    No need to visit a branch

  • Integrated mobile token

    Secure authentication and transaction verification

  • Smart features

    Account number sharing, mini calculator in transaction overview, one-click transactions when an account number is on the clipboard

The challenging requirements for mobile banking access require a secure and intuitive 3D Face login solution. With W.UP’s integration and support expertise, ZoOm 3D Face Login exceeded the tough implementation requirements and now provides significantly upgraded security to MKB Bank's customers at the most critical point of user interaction, the login screen.

Kevin Alan Tussy CEO of FaceTec
Kevin Alan Tussy
CEO of FaceTec


MKB Bank has selected W.UP to roll out their new digital banking experience, which is now available for iOS and Android. We delivered a simple, seamless and personalised experience to MKB's customers, with features such as transfers, account balance and history, messaging and ATM locator. Download the case study to find out how.

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