Banking startups have already won over more than 15 million users worldwide and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, their customer base is expected to multiply as they obtain banking licences, expand their product portfolio and move into large markets like the US.

What’s their appeal over their traditional counterparts? Think more features, less paperwork and superfast services. In other words: infinitely more focus on customers’ wants and needs. But the game is not over yet.

It’s time for traditional players to look into what elements they can adopt from digital-only challengers’ strategies – and figure out how to fight back.


  • How neobanks benefit from not being burdened by huge legacy systems

  • Why customer focus is an absolute must

  • What strategies traditional banks can adopt to catch up with disruptors

  • What innovative incumbents have to teach neobanks

  • What tech giants are doing right and how to beat them at their own game

  • The pros and cons of teaming up with big tech