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The world is rapidly moving towards all-encompassing digitalisation and business leaders across the globe are scrambling to keep up. In banking, this means that the key trends of the last decade are about to hit top gear and the need to become digital-first is more crucial than ever. 

The Nordics have always been the spearhead of digital banking, and it’s time to take a closer look at their tactics. What can other banking ecosystems learn from them about handling digital acceleration, shifting consumer behaviours, shrinking branch networks and the spread of contactless payments? 

And, most importantly, who will be the winners and losers as the world recovers from COVID-19?

Who will speak?

  • Kevin Albrecht, Co-Founder and CEO at P.F.C.
  • Michael Pierce, Sales Director, Nordics at Mambu
  • Per Harald Strøm, Head of Data & Insight at NETS
  • Tamas Braun, Sales Director at W.UP


  • Remco Veenenberg, Head of Alliances at W.UP


3:00 p.m. CEST on 1 July 2020

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