Old school demographic and geographic segmentation simply don’t do the trick anymore in targeting customers. Banking customers are no different: more and more financial institutions are busy adopting the concept of segment-of-one marketing to better serve their clients. It’s easy to see why: BCG estimates that personalisation can generate 30-40% sales bump in certain product areas in banking sales.

In our latest white paper, we look at how banks can unlock the power of data-driven customer insights to personalise marketing and sales campaigns and tapping bran new streams of revenue. Learn all about how data solutions, including artificial intelligence tools such as algorithms and advanced analytics, have revolutionised marketing, and can be used to create insight-driven campaigns – and make them a success.


  • Find out why traditional segmentation doesn’t work anymore

  • Learn why banks should move on to personalised campaigns

  • See how banks can switch to using data-driven customer insights

  • Discover how customer insights are created and how they work in practice

  • Read detailed use cases for boosting digital banking sales with insights

  • Get detailed customer insights you can put to work