There has been a perfect storm brewing in the financial sector, with customer expectations changing by the minute and hungry new players, including digital-only neobanks and tech behemoths, all wanting their piece of the pie. Not being hampered by legacy systems and a sprawling physical infrastructure, neobanks have put customer experience at the heart of everything they do. So what can they teach banks?

Join our webinar on the future of banking with London-based fintech Curve that lets people combine all their bank cards into a single Curve card and a smart app that makes it easier to keep on top of spending. With its mission being “one card to rule them all”, Curve’s solution allows users to leave all their other cards at home, even when shopping abroad. But what if this card worked in a completely personalised way, wherever and whenever you need it?

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  • What strategies banks can follow to catch up with their digital-only rivals, and hear inspiring use cases
  • What traditional banks and even digital-only challengers can learn from large tech companies about building customer relationships and boosting user experience
  • How Curve has set out to revolutionise the customer experience of card payments and where they are heading


Louis Pampel, Business Development Executive, Curve
Remco Veenenberg, Head of Alliances, W.UP

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