Challenger bank Revolut has set its sights on becoming the Uber of banking. And the London-based fintech is right on track: having turned customers’ pain points into hassle-free experiences, it has grown its user base from 700 thousand to more than 3 million in a single year. They have wowed travellers by offering the interbank exchange rate on all currencies, featuring forecasts and even allowing users to set up price alerts. How have they pulled that off? It’s fair to say that Revolut wants to be to banking clients what Netflix is to movie buffs, always focusing on taking user experience to the next level.

Creating customised banking experiences instead of just pushing products has become the new mantra in the industry. And that’s exactly what all banks should put first during their digital transformation. Who really needs a credit card, a short-term loan or a mortgage? No one, really.

In all honesty, customers don’t need banking products at all. What they do need is financing solutions that fit certain life events or life stages. But banks can only offer such solutions if they understand each and every customer and personalise offers to their exact behaviour, habits and life situations.

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