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W.UP is an AI-powered platform that allows banks to understand and meet their customers’ needs in real-time. It comes with pre-built use cases that are easy to set up and tailor to your systems, processes and goals.

Where does our data come from?

W.UP collects traditional banking data, such as transaction and customer information, and merges it with non-traditional data, including

  • Geolocation
  • Customer’s behaviour patterns
  • Social media interaction
  • Demographics
  • External browsing data

Why W.up?

  • Diverse data sources

    We use every data source possible to help you understand your customers better. Think products, transactions, PSD2, demographics, channels, location, social media, browsing, photos, typed text and beyond.

  • ML-powered algorithms

    We use machine learning to map out data relationships, finetune recommendations and predict the financial needs of each and every customer of yours.

  • Ready-to-use customer insights

    We create a massive amount of financial insights, ready to be used by any bank to better their customers’ financial life while growing their share of wallet.

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Implement it on mobile

As an added bonus to our banking personalisation platform, W.UP Mobile includes clever, built-in widgets for customer communication, support and sales functions and more. It plays well with any digital banking solution and comes with easy-to-add features so you can always keep up with ever-changing customer needs.


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