Look behind the scenes

The magic of personalisation is that it's no magic at all. W.UP takes siloed, raw customer data and turns it into clean, structured information and detailed, actionable customer profiles. Once that's done, you can easily microsegment and laser-target customers with highly tailored, highly converting campaigns.

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  • Multiple data sources
  • Advanced transaction categorisation
  • All-round customer profiles
  • Flexible and open framework
  • Pre-built and custom use cases
  • AI-powered campaigns


Get personal one level at a time

Personalised banking experiences can mean anything from letting customer pull a holiday spending summary to showing them how to invest their extra income. Use one platform for all your personalisation needs: help customers understand their finances, boost their financial fitness and make their financial goals a reality with the right banking product.

  • Money Insights

    The basics covered

    Help customers stay on top of their finances by highlighting top spending categories, key spending trends and holiday spending summaries.

  • Financial Guidance

    Financial health in focus

    Look out for customers' financial well-being: send smart, perfectly timed nudges to help them make better financial decisions, over and over again.

  • Sales Boost

    The right advice at the right time

    Offer customers the products they need and when they need them. Help them buy their dream home, invest their hard-earned money or get great deals on their favourite brands.


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Want to see what the future of personal finance management looks like? Discover how Personalised Financial Insights can turn accounts and spending data into a win-win for banks and customers.

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Witness the power of personalisation in action and see how easy it is to set up automated interactions – and reap the benefits.

Go mobile

Keeping pace with the mobile banking evolution is hard work. With W.UP Mobile, you can start using our pre-built, advanced mobile banking solution or develop your own native app within three short months.


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