Personalisation step by step

  • 1. Data integration

    Transactional data is the backbone of the personalisation process, giving you a unique insight into the lifestyle, habits and preferences of your customers. Add non-traditional data sources, such as geolocation, online banking behaviour and campaign engagement history, to create even more sophisticated use cases.

  • 2. Profile building

    Categorise customers based on variables related to their everyday lives, from how they bank through when they shop to where they eat out. W.UP comes with pre-built profiles that you can turn into better targeting, happier customers and more sales right away.

  • 3. Setting up triggers

    Spot customers who haved reached a new life stage based on banking data patterns and delight them with the exact offer or advice they need. Our data scientist team has already worked these triggers out for you. Do you have your own ideas? Great! Import your own data models and create campaigns even faster.

  • 4. Selecting use cases

    From next-level spending reports to well-timed savings advice, find the best ways to satisfy banking customers and grow your bottomline all at once. W.UP comes with a huge use case library to help you mix and match features that best fit your current business needs, annual sales plan or long-term vision.

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